Alchemy BOD Minutes: August 2013

Alchemy, LLC. - Board of Directors
August 11th, 2013
Location: Trevor and Sarah's House
Marietta, GA

Meeting begins: 3:26pm

Attendees: Trevor Register, Sarah Griffith, Dusty Graham, and David Stabler. Ranger Nugget (Alexander Hodge) is absent leaving a quorum of voting members.
Community Members: Tunna, Sunshine, Mike Alberghini.

  1. Authorize Trevor to transfer $54,860.43 from the current PayPal account into the Chase bank account.
    Proposed: Trevor
    Approved by consensus
  2. The Board authorizes and vests the Registered Agent, David Stabler, with the authority to execute changes as he sees fit in the best interests of Alchemy, LLC, to create a new entity for transfer of assets and to establish conditions under which that transfer is clear of constraint and conflict.
    Proposed: David
    Vote: 3-yay, 1-yay with rights, 1-nay with rights
    Sarah’s statement:  While I generally favor this plan and believe it will be very beneficial to us, I have a few strong concerns.  They all rotate around one thing:  nothing should be done to drastically change how our organization operates without vetting it before the community.  I vote “yay” because I both respect and trust David.  I vote “with rights” because I want to be clear that I have some concerns here and I urge all of us to think carefully about the execution of every step, paying special attention to what needs to be brought before our community.  I don’t support any significant change without that step.

    Trevor’s statement: I first want to be clear that my “nay” vote is not a reflection of my trust, or lack thereof, in David. In fact, I trust David beyond reproach. My “nay” vote then is a reflection of my belief that significant changes to the philosophies laid out by our bylaws should be presented to the community for comment and criticism first.

  3. Will the Board authorize a one-time charge not to exceed $1500 to Stuart Oberman to complete the work on creating a complete and viable Non-Profit entity?
    Proposed: David
    Vote: 3-yay, 2-absent
  4. Authorize our CPA, Jennifer Luce, to meet with the Regional Contacts, Jim & Chw, and share financial information with them. Her rate is $135/hr, which will be categorized as an LLC expense.
    Proposed: Sarah
    Vote: 4-yay, 1-absent
  5. If previous transfers are approved by the board, authorize David to request a cheque be drafted by Jacob in the amount of $54,860.43 to transfer the PayPal Alchemy ticket proceeds from the Chase bank account to the Bank of America account.
    Proposed: David
    Approved by consensus
  6. Authorize Trevor to create a new PayPal Pro account for Alchemy, LLC and link that account to the Bank of America account.
    Proposed: Trevor
    Approved by consensus
  7. Authorize Dusty Graham to transfer $56,653.32 from PayPal (tickets@) to Chase. This money comes from the Art Fundraiser and Tier 2 Alchemy Ticket Sales.
    Proposed: Dusty
    Vote: 3-yay, 1-abstain 1-absent
  8. Approve Euphoria 30 Day Report?
    Proposed: Sarah
    Approved by consensus
  9. Approve the purchase of a boundary mic for Nugget’s use to facilitate remote meeting capabilities.
    Proposed: Trevor
    Approved by consensus
  10. Approve contracting ticketing services out to Thunder Data (aka ThunderTix).
    Proposed: Trevor
    Approved by consensus

MOTION: Motion to accept record of business taken in session by Board since last meeting.  Passed by consensus.


  • Financial Update- Dusty-


  • AAA, Inc 2012 Income Tax (9/15)- Sending to Stacia


  • LLC Sales Tax - Send two certified letters to last known address of former Board member of LLC. Meeting with CPA on Friday.


  • United Rentals - Dusty or Nugget. Dusty is taking over. Information will be acquired to confirm what checks were cashed by United rental and issue another check if not paid in full, Dusty will send check to United rentals at that time.

MOTION: Chair motions to authorize Dusty to pay second charge to United Rental. Passed by Consensus.

  • Insurance Update- David-

Alchemy- Quote operating on is for 2750 attendees. Insurance quoted up to $4000, Org fees covers from Alchemy budget presented. Impossible to get annualized festival insurance due to companies dropping overnight camping and fire festivals from their schedule of services. Looking for Independent insurance agents to carry our provider and allow for proper insurances. Insurances to be figured out in the next two months.
D&O- May have to choose a separate insurance agent to insure for D&O.


  • Communications Update- Mike

FB page- Suggest AELT to point to the website and use website to make announcements. Wants to turn over FB page to community moderators and Org get out of the FB. Mike speaks about some guidelines to be released and how information can stream through him to be placed on the website. Open to community posting and will be approved by a moderator.
ACTION: David to talk to AELTs about pulling out of FB as a form of notification to separate Org from FB page.
Meet the Org Page- Would like to develop a tree of Command.


  • Forums- Trevor-

Issue with combining names already on Alchemy website with new Forum site. Issues with terms of service and privacy issues. COPA law, 13 years of older so linked tab on Alchemy website to Frogbird hosting his own forums, but a new account must be created. Need a stronger and easier connection to help community find this site easier to access.

  • PR Statements- Sarah-

Transparency vs. Business, needs to be edited together and released. FB shut down, not board moderated because it is not the boards duty to control community. If community would like moderation then present rules and elect moderators.


  • Public works-

General Update- Sarah-
Public works notified of Inventory manager, Inventory date set.
Inventory manager Update- Carissa-
Inventory notes received and mostly entered to spread sheet.
Quartermaster Update- Tunna-
Costs on Inventory day coming up to be approved. Shelves estimates, etc. maintenance budget, maintenance before replacement. Alchemist for Inventory bodies.


  • Euphoria- Sarah-

Euphoria 2013 Ejections will be brought by Dusty, held a quick vote with board and all was handled appropriately by Rangers.
Afterburn report status- will be ready exactly on time.
Status Update- remaining receipts to Stacia
Euphoria 2014 Timeline and location- Liaison needs to be appointed, talk to smokey about dates, and use existing structure of hands off for ELT's. Let Future Venue Committee handle all else. November ELT call out for Euphoria.

  • Art Fundraiser- Trevor-

Projects funded and money raised- $18,924.00. 1099 sent to all people receiving money and checks will not be sent until 1099 is received from the artists,
Alchemy sales tax funds- 2 certified letters to be sent to try to clear and reach LLC owner. Need clearer documentation of attempted contact.
Alchemy Tier 3 sales- ThunderTix has had issues with system, more holds than tickets at a time, over selling, software logic crash of the system. Trevor to contact ThunderTixs about money collection, etc.


  • Decomp-

Alchemy funds spreadsheet, will see if this event is possible this year.

  • BM Regional Status-

Alchemy status- CPA meeting, reported by dusty- Jacob has written a Status letter for Status of Report for BM. There are people trying to help us understand with no set guidelines and so many targets are moving that it has been very hard to untangle Board, from individual events, from different matters with so many matters not yet settled.
MOTION: Chair head motions to release Jacobs letter as is, and post on the Alchemy website. Passed by consensus in quorum.
BM RC seat- discussion about definition and BM Advisory Position. Nothing decided.



  • Year-Round Org Expenses (Budget)- Dusty

Done with D&O until Non-Profit, Alchemy is giving 15,000 in Org contribution. Tracking down and compiling all information.


  • Town Hall/ Quarterly Town Hall- Sarah-

Lucas sent in a proposal, letting Lucas work out details. Mid-September. Reserve space and announce it.
The community is benefiting from more town halls, so involvement with a possible participation team who receives community feed back, sets Town hall agenda, writing community proposals, engaging proposal for theme camps to have website pages they can update for larger camps and reaching out to the artists and allowing them to have more ability to update through out the year. Year round resources to allow artists to engage themselves, rather than the BOD finding ways to engage the community.


  • New Org Transition (Executive Session) -David and Dusty

Into executive session at 8:08pm. Due to sensitive nature of business including:
LLC Wind-down
LLC Asset list
Resume normal session at 8:34pm
The Chair recognizes community member Sunshine who would like to speak:


Sunshine would like a title, but not do anything. Board is silent. Sunshine retracts statement and decides she wants no title. Giggling.

  • Brainstorm FAI Initial Funding

Personal Community member loan
Merchandise sales: year round t-shirts, cups, etc.
First ticket sale claim for individuals ticket donations from community members.
BOD's of other events for start up and donations
A party? Brand it as a fundraiser and a kick off party.
Non- Profits may have raffles: raffle for actual ticket, ticket bundle, ticket with hoodie, cheaper raffle for first ticket sale for individual ticket.
Date is Changed from September 8th to September 15th
David's House
ACTION: Announce through Alchemist
MOTION: Motion to Adjourn by Chair. Consensus in Quorum. Meeting ends at 9:05pm.

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