Alchemy BoD Minutes: August 2012

Alchemical Arts Alliance, Inc. Board of Directors August 12th, 2012Meeting start: 12:46pmIn attendance: Rebecca Rea, Jonathan LaLiberty, Dawn Flury, Age Ginsburg, Sarah Griffith, Trevor Register, Jessica Seales, Becky Katz, Tareq Fayyad BookkeeperTrevor: Talked with Barb at MomTalent about hiring a part time bookkeeper, had a few people in  mind that might work for us, wanted to set up an interview. Age agreed to conduct the interview  with Trevor. Age to look up pricing for upgrading our Quickbooks license to allow for online.  Trevor emailed two other bookkeeper/accounting firms, no response yet. Trevor - Action Item BudgetSarah: Corrected small mistakes on Greeter’s budget. Rebecca: Can safely assume sellout => ~$150k to work with. Subtracted paypal fees (~$4k),  took off 20% to put towards AAA (~$30k), took off another 10% for overage/wiggle room  (~$13k). Initially put in each team’s ‘blue sky’ amount, then went in to consolidate things like teams  requesting duplicate items and any inventory we already have. Age: after trimming/consolidating team budgets = ~$28k Rebecca: We’ll have an extra ~$3k that hasn’t been allocated towards anything. Recommends  that it not be allocated unless in an emergency. Age: If we stick to just the operations and team budgets, we can fund the event from current  ticket sales. Rebecca: We wanted to give the teams lots more room in the budget to let them be more  creative. Rebecca: Wants to move the rest of the Alchemy, LLC money to the Alchemical Arts Alliance  accounts, $629.96 BoD consents. Rebecca moved the money.Age: Effigy budget may seem to be much higher than last year’s, but if you take into account  last year’s higher pyro budget, we’re only spending about $1k more than last year. Sarah: JamCare isn’t in the budget. Would it be added later if you decide to go with them? Rebecca: Yes. JamCare is a medical provider. All certified medical professionals. Would hire  them to work 8pm - 8am. They have independent insurance up to $3 million, doctors on staff,  provide own tent and other infrastructure. ELT is not sure that they will do this yet.Other notes on JamCare: Want to talk with more than just one vendor, but not a lot of time to  shop around. They have worked with another regional burn, and they are highly recommended.  Does not want them advertising their services at the burn. Wants to designate a First Aid team lead to be a liaison with JamCare. Wants to sit down with JamCare and write up a contract with specific details on how they  interact with participants. Don’t have a pricing quote yet. Would still hire an EMT. Will keep the BOD in the loop with details as they develop. Age: Different levels of liability and negligence. For volunteers within our organization, we are  liable for our volunteer’s actions. If we hire a separate organization with their own insurance, we  are not liable for their actions; they are liable for their own. This means that providing volunteers for JamCare would pierce that liability veil and make us  liable. Wants Board to approve the Operational + Team budgets now ($105k). Would need to go to the  Board to spend any more than that. Whatever money from ticket sales is left over goes to AAA. The ELT presented a preliminary budget of $103,619.64 for the operations budget for  Alchemy 2012. The Board approved a maximum of $105,000. Art FundraiserRebecca: Gave checks to Trevor for Art Fundraiser projects.. Trevor: Checks were mailed out to the artists on Thursday, August 9th. Regional statusJonathan: BMORG wants last year’s financials to be put together in a way that’s more clear and  concise. Also wants tax records from last year. Rebecca: We can’t provide any more details unless Troy releases them to us. The only records  we have are what’s already published. Troy has not filed taxes for Alchemy, LLC. Sarah: Should we be concerned about our regional status for this year if we can just turn in a  report and get our regional status back for next year? Age: Should take total Alchemy operating budget + team breakdowns + CORE expenses and  add that to the Alchemy event report. Trevor: I have lots of free time. I can do this. Trevor - Action item - ASAP.Rebecca: Send new email to BMORG + Georgia RC’s to include updated 2011 Alchemy event  report, 2012 Euphoria report, and the 2012 Alchemy budget. Show that we’ve been diligently  working on fixing the problem. We should show them that there’s a clear difference in how  we’ve operated in 2011 and in 2012. Requests that we have 60 days for the report instead of  30. Sarah: Encourage team leads to write as much of their team reports as they can before the  event. Alchemy website name changeChange to  Board consents to have Internet team purchase and other derivatives and  have forward to Trevor emailed the internet team about  this. Trevor emailed the internet team about having the Euphoria 2012 Event Report added to the  Euphoria website. Meeting ended at 3:02pm.

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