Alchemy BoD Minutes: April 2011

BOD Meeting April 10thIn attendance, Troy, Dawn, Age, Tunna, Clove and Lovelove via call in.*Troy to post minutes from last month.*Euphoria ticket price @ $30, budget considered and ticket price approved.*Alchemical Arts Alliance as name for non-profit approved.  Troy to send announcement for Alchemy going to 501c3 and moving to a non-profit. Call out for logo design.*Reblip-- Troy to send out newsletter regarding all the things we need to make public.... the AAA info, Team Leads already going and those left to fill.*Action item for Dawn to speak to Jon about EMT for Alchemy.*Joey mentioned he knows a group who might be interested in gate. Age also knows people w Nexacon. Look into this group for possible paid gate personnel. Age to reach out to them.*Discussion on how to staff gate numbers wise.*Consensus on hiring for gate and perimeter staff.*Discussion on where to place greeters. Midway between gate and corner where Connexus used to be. Have greeters give out schwag and be aggressive about LNT/MOOP and discuss the Principles before moving along.*Consider to moving all parking, gate and etc forward to accommodate higher population. Potentially put gate front up onto turn to Walnut Row. Greeters where gate used to be.  Parking in front field. Want to walk thru land to verify this is doable.*Potentially need shuttle to run those from parking to burn field once cars have parked for the event after unloading.*Work weekend: Install shelving into the container-- make sure all is in working order. Tunna wants to Circus Tent with others to show how it works.*CORE proposal -- Tunna. Waiting on transportation costs.*Agreement to use Alchemy resources for CORE project transport and use.*Action item for Clove-- contact accountant for office to see if interested to doing accounting for AAA.Concluded meeting at 5:35pm."

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