Alchemy BoD Minutes: April 2010

Board Meeting, 4/11/2010All members in attendanceAfterburn report- text done.  Troy to send text out today, finish YE financials ASAPBylaws- some review done, Rebecca to re-review bylaws alsoNewlsetter- awaiting Dawn's voteInvitation- agreed on Keith's submissionphotos within the next days2500 ticketsprint job out by end of the weekIn/Out Tokens- work w/ Tunna on Wednesday on designNew truck- still needs license plate and insuranceWork day/weekend- retrieve storage unit stuff, either during week or April 25th- need work weekend in July/AugustTruck- establish agreement to park truck @ CoLabTent- need to go to Asheville to receiveTeam Leads- LNT- Lamplighters- Greeters, Janel Caudel, email to get details on application, Dawn may have co-lead potential- Rangers, talk to Michele to get Ranger Rack's info- Medical --  recruit Krystal Light- Art - Michele?- Web team - ?- Connexus - make map electronic, etc.- Center Camp - Amber?- Temple -- Effigy -- Fire Safety - talk to Crystal about other names?Purchases- laptops for gate, connexus- need projector for connexusBudgets- want budgets put together by May 15thNext meeting, May 9th. Rebecca take notes, Lovelace facilitates

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