2018 Registered Theme Camps & Map

Placement Map


Here is a list of all registered theme camps for Alchemy 2018:

3 Old Men

10 Temple Loop (Spirit Square)

The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance.

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves.

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it):

  • bless the participant
  • ask to be blessed by the participant
  • offer to struggle with the participant

At the fourth entrance there is no agon, i.e., no blessing and no struggle.

In the center is a temple bell and an altar, upon which Burners may leave or take items that are meaningful to them.

We leave the meaning of this experience open for each participant. We welcome the participation of drummers and other musicians in support of the participants’ journeys. We also provide a space for contemplation and discussion before and after participation.

3rd Aid

43 Downtown Ave

We run several massage tables for any action hippies in need of repair throughout the event but our availability may vary depending on human factors [this shit's hard work and we are all volunteers]. One way or another our tables and oil are open for anyone to use so if you'd like to swing by and make use of our space feel free. Welcome to Third Aid, un-fuck your burn.

10 principles +Us

16 Temple Loop

A project to collaborate as a community what it means to live the principles at Alchemy


7 Lower Perimeter

Your fun loving poppin party of peculiar people is back again and with friends! Join us with Zentopia and Elevation Station over at our new village C4 and burn yer face off!!

Alcoholic Alliterators

27 Downtown Ave

We are the Alcoholic Alliterators. Accurately accentuating acts of awesome, We willfully welcome weary wanderers from near and far to come and convene with us for comradery and convoluted collaborations of colorful consonants. We shall also Have a bar, full of secretly skillful sipping-liquids, run by the Whiskey Wizard and Alley Hoops! Where you can come and bring the commutative calamity of colorful conversations.


35 Temple Loop (Play2 Square)

You have questions, and our kids have answers. We can't guarantee if they'll be the answers you're looking for, but they'll be answers to something! We're also hosting the art project Resonance, a collaborative jam space. We are providing instruments for community use, so come by and jam with us!

Baroque N Bourgeoisie Presents: The Church of the Immaculate Consumption

1 Lower Perimeter

Alchemy's most ostentatious, decadent Parisian cadre is once again raising d'être and the Bar everyone loves to frequent, swerving up the Wholly Spirit en mass-querade. We are back with a Chapel and a Sound Camp proper {Pew Pew}. It is said that ""The higher the hair, the closer to God"", and we are believers in that much. Come forth in reverie; imbibe, dance, promenade in your fineries. Bask in our projection dome under baroque frescoes with a glitchy twist. Step into Heavenly States in our Nimbus Lounge. DJ Sets, Live Music, Rap-ture MC Battle, Sangria & Bloody Mary Buffet, Merkin Speed Dating, and divine resplendence await you, thou nobles!

Bastion of the Worthless Bastards

16C Downtown Ave

As the Marquis de Sade famously said, ""In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice"". Come to the camp where CBT (Cigars, Booze, & Torture) abounds. Fulfil all of your vices with our fully stocked humidor, well appointed liquor cabinet, and all of the deliciously vulgar delights you'll just have to experience for yourself. Come one, come all, come often.

Beings, The ( Formerly Barnyard Business)

4 High St

Join us on this great release and reset away from the Default World Doing and find your own Magical Being self within!

Big Ass Sound Machine, The

4 Lower Perimeter

It's exactly what you think it is. A big ass stage with big ass beats. Some big ass flames and big ass lasers. Big ass late night movies. A big ass cuddle puddle with a big ass ball pit. Some big ass kegs. A big ass pile of munchies. And some big ol' ass.

Big Trouble In Little Alchemy

9 Lower Perimeter

From the mist of the orient comes a dragon named Big Trouble. Seeking the chosen decedents of Alchemy and Lore.

A nomadic tribe of artisans dispersed throughout the various kingdoms. Converges once a year, on sacred ground, to celebrate both beauty and life.

Big Trouble, once again, will be joining this sacred gathering, to consecrate the ceremony with Music and Fire.

Bizarre Bazaar, The

14 High St (Whimsy Woods Square)

Seekers of good conversation, afternoon shade, or cozy evenings will find their wishes granted beneath the rainbow parachute of The Bizarre Bazaar. For those craving either fellowship or nicotine, the Bazaar is happy to provide a surplus of hygge and hookah.

Black Lodge, The

18 Temple Loop

The Black Lodge is a Twin Peaks-themed camp, and this year we are featuring One Eyed Jacks! Jacks is a den of ill repute where you can gamble the night away, all the while being fed drinks by our scantily clad staff. Sources say we are trying to put together a burlesque show too.

Brownie Brothel

41 Downtown Ave

""Fuck your waistline,"" call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-)

Bunny Reasons

42 Downtown Ave

Fuck you, we volunteered! Why? Bunny Reasons!

Buses and Butterflies

36 Downtown Ave

we have buses and butterflies

Button Zone, The

38 Downtown Ave

Press some buttons. Press some more buttons. Press all the buttons! If you like to press a big red button, we have that. If you want to press a bunch of glowing buttons, we have that too. Come see what happens when you enter the Button zone.

Cafe Burns

9 High St

A place to chill in Discordia Village

Calamity & Co

39 Temple Loop

We spend the entire year making loving gifts for all of you. Select a Letter from the Universe, written just to You. Come pick out a new handmade article of clothing, or grab our sweet, hand embroidered swag, or our psychedelic statues. Let us give our heartgifts to you~

Camp Alex

34 Downtown Ave

Who's this Alex dude?

Camp Bark Park

23 Temple Loop

Legalize Awoo! Make America Bork Again! Take some time to rest your paws and senses on the way to your next Adventure!

Camp Between the Lines

11 High St

Do you see the fnords yet? Lookfnordbetweenfnordthefnordlines. As a part of Discordia Village,
we'll be backlighting the big stage with projected visuals all night, fnord every night with plenty of fnord subliminal content
to casually align your frequencies to a chill fnord vibration. Hail Eris! Or Don't!

Camp Bliss

3 Lower Perimeter

We are Camp Bliss from Raleigh NC. We are the professionally unprofessional camp of the burns. Come hang out with bliss and enjoy all our shitty stuff, like our great sound and our weird dj sets, our magically delicious drinks, the fabulous fire circle, and the little N64 tent, or just stand there we don't care.
Hungry? Well frig off we ain't a food camp, maaaaaaaaybe you can have our left overs.
p.s. Y'all seen Barry the squid?

Camp Business Casual

3 Temple Loop

This camp is intended for the individual addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self esteem, no sense of humor or irrational religious beliefs. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of this camp is not authorized (either explicitly or implicity) and constitutes an irritating social faux pas. Unless the word absquatulation has been used in it's correct context somewhere other than this warning, it does not have any legal or grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were harmed in the creation of this camp, although the Yorkshire Terrier next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an overwhelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading warning backwards, so just ignore that alert notice from Microsoft; however, by pouring a complete circle around your self and your computer you can ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this camp in error, please add some nutmeg and egg whites and place in the oven for twenty minutes. Whisk briefly and let stand two hours before icing.
Business Casual is a registered trade mark under Business Casual LLC. Action figures sold separately. Above terms are subject to change without notice. Actual crash results may vary. All cups leaving this store must be paid for whether full or empty. All models are over 18 years of age. Allow four to six weeks for delivery. Drive on roads not on people. An equal opportunity employer
Any reproduction, retransmission or rebroadcast without the express, written consent of major league basball is strictly prohibited. Any resemblance to actual persons, either living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental. Applicable taxes will be remitted. Appy only to infected area. Approved for Veterans. Assembled in the United States from US and Japanese components. At participating locations only. Attendent does not have combination to safe. Avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoid inhaling fumes. Store in a cool dry place. Batteries included. Avoid inappropriate microwave use. Batteries not included and may explode or leak. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of liabilty for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitations may not apply to you. Beware of Akita dog.
THC added to preserve freshness. Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of this agreement. By using this camp, the user consents to such interception, monitoring, recording, and disclosure at the discretion of authorized site personnel. Call before you dig. Calorie measurements are estimates only – individual weight loss may vary. Cannot be made non poisonous. Caution: do not read while operating a motor vehicle, water craft, or air craft; filling is hot; hot coffee is hot; may cause drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, or blurred vision; not to be used as a flotation device; choking hazard. Check here if tax deductible. Inner children should be supervised. Colors may fade. Connect ground wire to avoid shock. Consult your physician before use. Contents may settle. Contents under pressure. Credit will be extended to those persons born before 1901, as long as they are accompanied by their parents. Current at time of printing. Danger harmful or fatal if swallowed. Discontinue if rash develops. DO NOT ATTEMPT: to agitate or invert can while using; do not attempt to put in pants; do not attempt to ride freight train; do not attempt to catch blade with your hand;do not attempt to fold, mutilate or spindle. DO NOT: climb inside this bag and zip it up, do not dangle the mouse by its cable or throw the mouse at coworkers; do not bleach; do not disturb; do not drive car with sunsheild in place; do not drive cars in ocean; do not drive with ball stuck on head; do not drop; do not eat the urinal cakes; do not eat toner; do not eat; do not eat frozen pizza; do not ejaculate on or around; do not expose to flame; do not give to children 8 years of age; do not immerse; do not induce vomiting; do not iron clothes while wearing; do not look at laser beam with remaining eye; do not pour coffee toward people; do not prepare in toaster oven; do not puncture or incinerate; do not put in mouth; do not remove disclaimer under penalty of law; do not reuse empty container; do not spray in eyes; do not use ear plugs; do not use for drying pets; do not use if seal is broken; do not use if you have prostate problems; do not use in shower; do not use intimately; do not use orally; do not use rectally after orally; do not use while sleeping; or unconscious; do not write below this line; do not x-ray. Does not contain guar gum. Dog not included. Drawings will be conducted by an independent judging organization whose decision matters. Drop in any mailbox. Dry clean only. Eating rocks may lead to broken teeth.
Employees and their families are not elligible. EPA estimates only. Exclusions may apply. First pull up, then pull down. Fits one head. For a limited time only. For comfortable and safe use, please read the Safety and Comfort guide. For indoor or outdoor use only. For recreation use only. Hardhat and safety goggles required. Harmful if swallowed. Has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice. Height restrictions apply. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. In order to get out of car, open door, get out, lock doors, and then close door. In the event of a fire remain calm. Insurance regulations from entering the area without an escort. Keep away from moisture, rain, snow, gloom of night, and so forth. Keep cool, process promptly. Keep away from sunlight, pets, and small children. Keep left; keep off the grass; keep your arms and legs inside the mixer at all times. Knock before entering. Left handed people excluded. Lift flap to open. Limit one per family. List each check seperately by bank number. Live, except on west coast. Local restrictions may apply. Lost ticket pays maximum rate. Made from 100% recycled electrons and magnetic particles. Many will enter, few will win. May be too intense for some viewers. May cause any of the aforementioned effects and/or death. May contain nuts. May irritate eyes. Mental health prohibited. Mind the doors and the gap. Must be 18 to enter. Must be present to win. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer will be liable for any brain damage from use of the product. No anchovies unless other wised specified.

Camp Called By The Fire

5 Downtown Ave


Camp Hydration Station

20 Downtown Ave (Augmented Oasis Square)

Located in the heart of the Augmented Oasis, our giant white igloo proudly stands out in a desert full of burners

Our self service station is almost impossible to miss!

Once inside the igloo, you will be greeted by an air conditioned paradise where you will have your choice our three fruit infused offerings.

Outside of our igloo is where our Dehydration Station is located.
Our spirits and comfy burniture are guaranteed to get you where you need to go.

In the Augmented Oasis we have it all: Hydration Station, Drum and Bass, Augmented Reality Sand Box, Bounce House, Comfy Chill Area and Ariel Arts.

Look for the igloo and come see what this camp is all about.

Camp Just in Queso

37 Downtown Ave

Small group of fellow cheese lovers, hoping to entice the senses of all fellow burners

Camp Just People

3 High St

Camp Just People, where we do what we want, and what we want most is to be entertained.

Camp Mad Tea Party

29 Downtown Ave

We're all MAD here! Enter our space for a whimsical, maniacal, and otherwise fun time.

Camp No Camping

33 Temple Loop

Move along- nothing to see here!

Camp PHC

51 Downtown Ave (Pineapple Plaza Square)

Camp PHC originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and The Drunk With Power Hour featuring Fucking Terrible Whiskey™, and heavy use of camo.

Camp Pretty Lights

12 High St (Whimsy Woods Square)

An interplay of pretty lights to entice the mind and entrance the spirit…
Come see the amazing Mood Machine and Truffula Tree Grove. Have a drink at our mobile bar, the Bardo! Enjoy our fires, chill music, and mesmerizing, pretty lights!

Camp Rowdy Recess

6 Downtown Ave

Red rover, red rover come the hell on over to Rowdy Recess to play games and make friends. Live out your adult field day dreams! Drinking highly encouraged! 21 and up!

Camp Scope Creep

26 Temple Loop

We couldn't bring the ""Lasers"" this year :( But we do have a stage and Cyr wheel platform and music and food and company and minor shenanigans!

Camp Sick Fuks

33 Downtown Ave

A chill place to let your inner sick fuk out to play. We also have an intergalactic space module to explore the deepest realms of space and your mind. And we may or may not have food and alcohol. Depends on who you ask.

Camp WAIT!

1 Temple Loop

Enjoy the lovely limbo of inaction and indecisiveness at Camp WAIT! It is our god-given mission to make you as late as possible to your next engagement. So what are you waiting for? Disclaimer: We WILL sedate you with fruit and homemade smoothies until you are sufficiently charmed, tardy to your (former) destination, or comatose.

Camp Where the Wild Things Are

14 Temple Loop

Where Wild Things Achieve Wild Dreams! Who knows what mischief and mayhem we will stir up! Come do that thing I just said with us!


26 Downtown Ave

Dead on the inside but still BARKING!!! Come on by and get a drink, BYOC.

Circus Combustus

46 Downtown Ave

Circus Combustus provides entertainment for the entire Alchemy family. We create a large scale fire & carnival performance with a Friday evening event you won’t want to miss. Come see our fire performers, acrobats, aerialists, comedians & fire sculptures.


30 Temple Loop

Hey you! Do you enjoy the finer things in life such as coloring books, crayons, positive affirmations, and memes? Then do we have the camp for you! Come on by and color with us! If you just wanna grab some supplies for later, you certainly can do that; just pay us in the memes we so crave.

Darkest Deep

19 Downtown Ave

The vastness of the world's oceans remain largely uncharted, and this camp honors the mystery and magic hidden in the unlit spaces far below the waves.

Darkest Deep is a nautical/ocean/pirate/mermaid/undersea-themed lounge camp for adults. Join us in the infamous Cuddle Boat to snuggle friends, both old and new; hang out by the underwater fire and chill out; or just come by to enjoy our aquatic art.

We will have games, such as Davy Jones' cornhole, and other activities, such as fire spinning, throughout the weekend, and we will serve Bloody Mary Reads (named for a lady pirate!) to all divers of a legal swimming age on Saturday.

Deep Playa

14 Downtown Ave

Experience the vast emptiness and mystery of the Deep Playa (you know, where the ubiquitous ""Trash Fence"" is located at Burning Mxn)

Detoured Souls

24 Downtown Ave (Augmented Oasis Square)

Across a vast and relentless, post-apocalyptic, fiery-field of psychedelic fury and debauchery, one can become lost in the crashing sea of kilted fellows of all sorts and sizes. One can wander aimlessly through waves of wooks and weirdness, through throngs of winged moop fairies and roving packs of rum swilling pirates. Yeah, that’s right... Pirates! Through all of this mischievous madness and beautiful blaspheme, one might decide to seek an oasis of sorts, and with the right set of eyes, on the right kind of night, a weary burner might just stumble upon that oasis in the form of the Detoured Souls. Listen carefully and follow your ears to the rhythmic bursts of drum and bass echoing across the burn field. Taste the air closely and you might just stumble upon the most delectable BBQ this side of the Mason-Dixon. Finally, listen for the heartfelt laughter that erupts from a crew of veteran burners swapping tall tales and absurdities by the glow of a camp fire. When you find all of these things, you have found that long sought Oasis called Detoured Souls. The whole Detoured Souls family will be back and ready for another weird, wild, and wonderful Alchemy. We’ll be all set to serve delicious beats, beverages, and BBQ throughout the burn. We’ll also be hosting our not to be missed annual display of “Dark side of The Rainbow” so stick around after the burn for that! Oh yes, and did we mention we’ll have fire toys? The poofers will be roaring all weekend long. So if you’re seeking out some good old fashioned drum and bass, plus a badass bar, plus world class BBQ, and a whole gang of wonderful freaks and weirdos to enjoy your burn with; look no further than Detoured Souls. Let’s watch the world burn, together...

Elevation Station

8 Lower Perimeter

Elevate your spirits at the Bar. Coffee and Workshops during the day and your happy place at night. Cuddle puddle, bar and lots of Lazers and Fire with amazing sound and fire performance stages.


12 Downtown Ave

Endothermic: accompanied by or requiring the absorption of heat.

Endothermia is chill camp to warm up at. All we do is boil water, so offerings include noodles, hot chocolate, and spiked cider. Come snuggle in our cozy tent with hot treats and tasty hookah.

Euphoria Gardens (A Gated Community)

50 Downtown Ave

We provide a VIP, luxury experience for the discerning hippie. HOA representatives are available throughout the burn for more information and to notify you of your HOA violations.

Flying Carpet Camp

8 Downtown Ave

Flames, beats, lasers, lemonade, mutant vehicles, electric bikes, Tarot, surprises and fun, all in a Tiny purple package.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

1 High St

We're the camp yelling about those darn hippies running across our lawn. We're old and we're grumpy, but we'll probably offer you a drink if you stop by.

Forces of Nature

29C Temple Loop (No Accounting for the Weather Square)

a private collaboration of fiends surrendering at whim to the unpredictable elements of their nature.

Furries With Attitude

30 Downtown Ave

Wonder with wild animals, enticingly friendly and playful during the day, and enticingly provocative after dark. Please mind the wondering clown.

Furry Animal Patrol

28 Downtown Ave

Paws, Maws, and Claws


4 Temple Loop

We are the Darkness with Glam and Sparkles

Greasy Spoon, The

1 Downtown Ave

A hub of frying, griddling, baking, and cracking wise.

Happy Hookers

25 Downtown Ave

Get your party started by joining the Happy Hooker of FL and their pimps for Tijuana hooker shots


28 Temple Loop

Bedroom camp for sleepy scientists

Heathen Life

10 Downtown Ave

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most Heathen of them all?


16A Downtown Ave (Red Square)

Four hand sensual massage


36 Temple Loop

obviously fake and noticeably contrived


3 Downtown Ave

Food and Art

Inner Alchemy

8 Temple Loop (Spirit Square)

Come by Inner Alchemy for a seven minute experience called Rebooting into Safe Mode. When we get out of or normal peaceful Alchemy mindset, the energy bubble we walk around in has gotten full of stuff. Stop by, and meet with Marion, the Inner Alchemy empath who with guide you into the Chakra-coon for period of discovery, then take a stone for the next process with DantheMan, an Energy Alchemist who help reboot your energetic body through grounding, chakra balancing and energy clearing. When you open your eyes you will find you are happy, calm and ready to get back out there for more wonderful Alchemy fun. This is a process you can experience, learn and share. It is offered throughout the weekend.

Interstellar Trill G.O.A.T.s

47 Downtown Ave

""ITG-Galax to HRNE1 Mission Control Tower...Do you read?....
Our totally expected crash landing was successful, and we have compiled parts to make base camp. We encountered cosmic anomalies and we have regrettably lost half of our crew during our journey. They will be missed, except for that one guy... but he knows what he did!
Our first priority will be to requisition booze and booties. Further investigation of this anomaly the locals are calling 'Percussive Maintenance', will be necessary. ITG Out.""

We are a radically expressive group of horny alien GOATS on a Mission from The Moon to spread lunar love, sacrifice booties and generally kid around.

All are welcome to board the comfy innards of Galax, our living ship, who can deliver you safely to our Crash Site. Become weightless in our Astro-hammocks and hydrate yourselves at the space-cold H20-UFO located in the Moon Lounge. You can Make Your Own Damn SWAG and get something cold in your mouth from Johnnie Popsicles.

Oh... and while you’re here... WE WANT YOUR BOOTIES!! With enthusiastic consent, sacrifice your booties upon the Alter of Submission, by flogger, whip, paddle or switch, all donations go to maintaining our biological structures!

Come find us. We're not a sound camp, but you're gonna hear us!

It’s All One Circle Camp

38 Temple Loop

Charlie's Bubble Dome

June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage And Friendly Fetish Camp

18 Downtown Ave

A warm and welcoming oasis of sexual education, self exploration, and community decoration.

Margaritaville D20

22 Temple Loop (Park Place Town Square)

Margaritaville: D20 We are a fun loving bunch of nerds. We will be serving terrible margaritas made from the cheapest of bucket of margarita mix and the saddest of tequilas. We host the pub crawl, and are home to Ye Olde Bar, Stick Stables, and the Hail Satin Doe-Mai. We also go on several adventures lead by Wagon Drunk Christine and her fabulous giant D20.

Note: Camp mates are in no way responsible for, or obligated by, the actions of others... Specifically and including permissions granted by TCO. Which is to say, she has no actual authority. Seriously. Even if... ""Drunk Christine Said It Was OK!"

Martian Playground

16 High St (Whimsy Woods Square)

Psychedelic Lounge

Memento Lumos

5 Temple Loop (Crystal Square)

Memento Lumos is a camp dedicated to light and art. We are bringing a geodesic dome to house hundred of addressable LED’s, soft fur, and calming music for you to relax in. Come on by and lie around while you let your mind and eyes wander.

Memento Moebius

7 Temple Loop (Crystal Square)

Memento Moebius is a camp dedicated to giving out adult refreshment. We aim to provide refreshment to the weary Alchemy goer in need of some shade and a cold beverage. Come join us for a pickleback or two and swap some stories.

Memento Serenous

9 Temple Loop (Crystal Square)

A burn is a peak of Eristic Energies as we are swept up in the delightfully energetic cavalcade of art, with rare moments of self-preservation and calmness at the temple. But what if we could collectively generate a sound or collection of sounds that center us in the non-silence? SINGING BOWLS. SO MANY SINGING BOWLS. We want to do an installation entirely focused on the clarity and crispness of a sound delightful. We do not know where this sound may take us, but it can serve as a centering call to rally our spirits as we grow weary with exertion in the expanding exploration of a burn unknown.

Morning Is Broken

1 Boulevard

Morning is broken, but caffeine makes it better. We offer hot coffee and tea in the mornings from whenever we wake up to roughly noon.


37 Temple Loop (Play2 Square)

Hey families with kiddos! Come check out Munchkinland!
Come play, craft, hang out with friends. Swings, seesaw, bubbles, and the art project ORB!
Welcoming new members.

My Wife's Rack

7 High St

Won't you come check out My Wife's Rack! See anything that strikes your fancy at our treasure chest? Play dress up with us as you peruse our selection of fine fun sexy sparkly shiny sheer bright glamorous colorful flashy gaudy clothing, costumes, accessories, wigs, hats, jewelry. Find that magical something fit for only you.

We are not a costume exchange—although we love burn-worthy donations—instead considering ourselves clothing matchmakers working to make the burn brighter for everyone. Our Cinderella rack is full of fabulous finds seeking the perfect fit.

Now offering disguising services! Drop in for a personal consultation and make-over and see how long it takes your campmates to recognize you!

Nimbus Lounge, The

2 Lower Perimeter

The Nimbus Lounge is a marvel of Effervescent Engineering brought to you straight from from The Land of Fog, a continent in the Disc World universe. An inflatable cloud springs to life every night lit up by a magical means and, of course, surrounded with bubbles!

On Comm

22 Downtown Ave (Augmented Oasis Square)

it's not our fault it was better next year

One Hand Clapping

6 Temple Loop (Spirit Square)

Absurdist elder sages dispense free but highly questionable advice and arbitrarily adjudicate any disputes, quandaries or contests you may present. Want answers? Or maybe you just like questions? This is the right place. Certifiable, unqualified experts will be on duty or “on call” twenty three and a half hours each day. Failing that, there will at least be a Magic 8-ball made available for counsel at all times. Otherwise here’s an open space to slow down, perhaps ponder the imponderable, definitely gaze at and possibly poke a barrel fire, and sometimes low key listen to music. *ALSO: self-serve interpretive shadow puppetry theatre.

Pizza Palace

24 Temple Loop (Park Place Town Square)

On a diet? We have the best salad on the face of the planet. First we take a crust and add some sauce and top it with cheese and your choice of mushrooms, onions, pineapple, ham, sausage or pepperoni. We promise it will be the best salad and be custom made just for you. Okay so it is not salad…it is pizza but you will love our pizza. While 96% of American’s eat pizza regularly, we feel the percentage for burners is higher. Therefore our artisan pizzas are custom made with the hippie’s choice of toppings right in front of their eyes, making Pizza Palace one of the favorite stops at Alchemy!

Poor Life Choices

21 Temple Loop

Actions hippies that know the poor life choices they've made, coming together to make an awesome camp and share our energy, stories, and vices with fellow Alchemists! We have a Wheel of Poor Life Choices to spin and see if you need a drink during the day, and we will have Topless Tacos Thursday at sunset on Thursday!


32 Temple Loop


Porcine Aviation

11 Temple Loop

The Time is Now! We bring the games. Home of the Tangle Dangle rock climbing twister game and more.

Psytrance Fucking Sucks

5 Lower Perimeter

What is that horribly-awesome sound? That’s Psytrance… Psychedelic trance, Psytrance or Psy is a subgenre of trance music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies composed of high-tempo riffs. Come by and let us demonstrate why a majority of EDM fans would agree that PSYTRANCE FUCKING SUCKS! Speaking of sucking; come suck down some Pho-king delicious Vietnamese noodle soup on Saturday during lunchtime! (Daytime - Multi Genre / Nighttime - Psytrance)

Queer Goings On

16B Downtown Ave (Red Square)

Friendly and relaxed camp. LGBTQ friendly, naked friendly, Pretty much just friendly.

Queers Next Door

19 Temple Loop

We're here, we're queer, we have a friendly atmosphere. Come hang out in our living room, join us for games, or take a one-on one ride with Chairs in their Roving Reverence Rainbow

Radio Free Alchemy

49 Downtown Ave

We are a Military themed sound camp/radio station broadcasting on 107.7 on your FM dial! Think of us kinda like MASH, Good Morning Vietnam, Air America, Beetle Bailey, or Sgt. Bilko. We provide tunes from many eras, as well as news, announcements, and weather. We'll have an even bigger military tent this year, so come by and hang out with us!

Raised by Rabbits

27 Temple Loop

After winning Transformus, the Rabbits are migrating south for the fall to join our Georgia neighbors. Hop on over to the Bunny Bar and hang out at our warriors warren. Also be on the lookout for the ghost of the Gypsy bar, she may be tagging along with us and making sudden appearances...

Rubáiyát, The

13 High St

The Rubáiyát Stage is back again and has acquired a will of its own. It is a stage of live music so that one may cleanse their aural palate in between listening to an ""Untz"" and a ""Boots and Cats"". Be advised, failure to clean one's aural palate may result in all electronic music sounding the same! So come on by. We got bands. We got jams. We got jellies.


20 Temple Loop (Park Place Town Square)

Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT!

Sleepy Fox Tea House

5 High St

Our Burn is a place overflowing with Yang energy; loud, wondrous, and bright. The Tea House is a place where Yin energy pools. Come Relax, Hydrate, and take a moment to breathe, before going forth to conquer your own burn.

SouthTown Compound

2 Downtown Ave (Pineapple Plaza)

SouthTown is a welcoming place providing sound, art, fire, and friendship. We will be providing interactive art (The SouthTown Playatech Hospitality Lounge) and fun music during the day, then come back at night as we turn up the fire and lights, and see your art transform while jamming out to some electronic beats emanating from the site where our Spaceship Has Landed


32 Downtown Ave

Immerse yourself among soft, fluffy floof while an ethereal display of light and color reveals itself. Feel the warmth held by the reflective dome at night; enjoy the crisp, silver cool inside during the day. Let the Space Dome carry your sight, sound, and temperature perceptions out of this world for a while so that you can rest and recharge - right here on earth.

Strangelove Initiative, The

40 Downtown Ave

Come by The Strangelove Initiative to visit our gifting space, make a craft, get/give a spanking (as long as there is a willing volunteer present), or participate in our AMA pop up!

Super Secret Alien Protection Program

29A Temple Loop

The Super Secret Alien Protection Program is too secret to let anyone know about. You'll just have to stumble in and find out what secret is all about.

Swing Camp

15 High St

Your stop for swings

Tea Temple, The

12 Temple Loop

Come relax in our chill living room for a cuppa.

Third Floor Society Presents: Burnware

35 Downtown Ave

Cybernetic control systems, ads, noise, booze

This is a Test

5 Boulevard

This is a Test is a harm reduction-themed camp providing reagent testing services, a chill space, free condoms, substance information cards, and nonjudgmental peer education.

Tiny Effigy Camp

A tiny camp, inhabited by the designer of the Effigy. Bring tributes.

Traveling Tinker Camp

6 High St

I bring my Tinker Trailer and pack it with hand tools, drills, saws, nuts & bolts, rope, cord, zip ties, batteries, inverters, soldering irons, tarps, and other doodads that have turned out to be useful over the years. If I'm in camp, I'm usually available to assist! If I go out and about, I leave a whiteboard near the trailer along with a map of the various Alchemy neighborhoods. Just look for the “Tinker Is IN/OUT/SLEEPING” tag and know at a glance if I'm within earshot (or tucked away inside with earplugs in trying to catch a few winks)! If I'm OUT/SLEEPING, leave a note on the whiteboard to tell me what you need and where (what camp/neighborhood), and on my next pass, I'll try to stop by and help. I can be found out of camp on my bike, so if you need me and see me, feel free to flag me down - I may have what you need on my person. *NOTE: I added a New Trailer as of 2017!* I'm in a pop-up A-frame with an EZ-Up with my usual “Tinker Til It Works” sign.

Way Station

29B Temple Loop

Chill out hookah lounge

Weirdos for Hire

45 Downtown Ave

Wide variety of hippies for hire, rental, talk or just a hug

Work Hard Play Hard with the Saucy Squad

34 Temple Loop

The Saucy Squad always keeps it real here at Work Hard Play Hard. Come grab a specialty drink at the bar in SadCat's Lounge or relax in some pillows or with the hookahs at the RelaxationStation just beside it. We aim to please if a little variety is what you need. Throwback tunes play during regular hours at the Lounge for a little BumpNGrind or BoogieOogie and Don't you ever Stop Believin' that Work Hard Play Hard is the place to be!


6 Lower Perimeter

Zentopia is a multi-faceted community with our main focus on:

Zen Enrichment: We seek to enrich the lives of people interested in improving themselves through teaching and practices which strengthen our mind, body and soul.

Kink and Rope: We seek to entice people who are from the kink and rope culture, who enjoy performing and exploring our wildest sexual natures.

Cuddle Culture: We seek be open to people who love to be intimate and close with each other. Our camp is filled with loving good hearted people and we enjoy the closeness we share through cuddles."

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