Join the Alchemy 2017 Event Team

We are seeking members for the Alchemy 2017 Event Team! The Event Team is comprised of 10 leadership positions, some of which have been filled. Once chosen, the Event Team will then hold a callout for Team Leads. The roles are:

  • Alchemy Event Lead - POSITION OPEN
  • Assistant Alchemy Event Lead - Mike Alberghini
  • Art Department Lead - POSITION OPEN
  • Assistant Art Department Lead - POSITION OPEN
  • Info Department Lead - Sara Hensel
  • Assistant Info Department Lead - POSITION OPEN
  • Operations Department Lead - Brian Marino
  • Assistant Operations Department Lead - POSITION OPEN
  • Safety Department Lead - H-Bomb Jensen
  • Assistant Safety Department Lead - POSITION OPEN

You can find out more about the departments and which teams they manage at

Overall, the Alchemy Event Team works closely with the Board of Directors to set event parameters such as budgets, ticket prices, timelines, safety concerns, art, and anything in between.

Event Leads are the project managers of the entire event. As such, a successful event lead should have a solid grasp on seeing the big picture, and be capable of working with all of the departments to ensure all of the moving parts before and during the event are working cohesively together. They should also have an understanding of safety considerations. Likewise, each Department Lead should be capable of working with all their respective teams to ensure tasks are completed on time prior to the event.

Alchemy 2017 location and dates are currently TBD.

Important dates:
Applications are open until: Tuesday, June 6
Results will be announced: Thursday, June 8


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